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Fashion interior 2019 from Katrina Antonovich

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Fashionable gloss of walls, marble overflows on the floor, beautiful natural onyx pattern, lighting accents, geometric ornaments, brass, delicate silk in pastel and perfect organization of space. These all moments are fashionable accents in interior design 2019 from Katrina Antonovich. The interior designer anticipates new trends, sets interesting trends, using creative ideas. In this dining room with high ceilings and a large panoramic window there is an exalted and festive mood. The mood when you have achieved great success and the whole world lies at your feet. Modern style remains the leader in terms of improvisation with materials, textures and shades. And this design project Katrina Antonovich skillfully defeated the natural materials of the décor by combining them with new technologies.


Fashionable interior of 2019, Katrina Antonovich


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Posted: 2018-08-11 03:37:07