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Design wardrobe from Katrina Antonovich

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The combination of luxury, functionality and unique design. These three things are inherent the wardrobe design of the Katrina Antonovich. Excellent ergonomics of the space designer achieves using furniture placement. A large area of ​​the room allows the most convenient to store things. The highlight of the interior design has become an island as a showcase for the storage of accessories and jewelry. The project interior designer uses the most modern storage systems. Because there are no windows in the room, the lighting plays a big role. This luxury dressing traditional chandelier lights, furniture lights and additional ceiling lights. All maximum provided for clothes and shoes were easy to storing and to choose. Katrina Antonovich elegantly underlines the elite status of the interior with the help of a family logo in the decoration of one of the walls.

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Posted: 2016-07-18 02:47:16