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New trends of Luxury Antonovich Design

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The world is changing rapidly and it is great! Beauty criteria become more subtle and profound. In the most luxurious interiors's hot lightness and elegance. Forget about weight gold metal and saturation. Only tenderness, grace, lightness and shine. Shine, which can be compared with shimmering diamonds. For this beauty is a completely new and innovative approach to the designer decor. Katrina Antonovich has invented a completely unique combination of classical motifs and Art Deco. In place of the massive visual elements with gilding comes a brand new innovative way of working glass. This new laser engraving technology, which can be used to create three-dimensional 3D panels. Of course, gold is present as an element of decor. But in this case it appears light and elegant accent.

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Posted: 2016-08-01 01:05:10