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Arabic Majlis Interior Design from Luxury Antonovich Design

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Arabic style is one of the areas of eastern interior design, which means luxury, elegance, fairy tale. Like all oriental art, it has three bases. This strict adherence to the rules prescribed by Islam, following the centuries-old traditions and man-made objects and interior decoration. Arabic interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design, is an expression of lifestyle. Fundamental in the eastern interior itself is not a luxury, but designers the ability to create a unique blend of tradition and design. With his talent, they made out of the room so that the impression of the wealth of its owner exceeds the actual size. Artists express themselves in creating a diverse and complex patterns. Most of this geometric pattern, entwined unreal vegetation. For these paintings are characterized by a large number of small elements and a clear drawing. Arabic Majlis Interior Design from Luxury Antonovich Design is a combination of tradition and unique design

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Posted: 2016-08-29 02:20:34