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Cozy bedroom interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design

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Cozy bedroom interior Luxury Antonovich Design reflects the trends of modern technologies and new breath of classic style interiors. In this beautiful bedroom harmoniously and closely associated with the ceiling design, the design of the walls, windows and furniture of the bed and floor decoration. The stylish interior is refined and luxurious fabrics. Over the headboard wall is decorated with a large soft bed panel that luxury upholstered velvet cream color with a deep sink marks. The decoration of the windows of the studio designers used luxurious silks, which are present in the decoration and comfortable beds as well as in the decoration of the windows. The magnificent stucco ceiling with gold leaf frames elegant chandelier makes this picture even more beautiful niche with backlight. Soft panel harmonizes perfectly with original features walls of glass in the form of 3D panels. The comfort and warmth of home comfort subtly emphasized designers using beautiful marble floors with carved patterns. The charming bedside tables decorated with handmade carvings. It is a beautiful architectural interior of the bedroom, which gives joy and pleasure for its comfort and coziness.

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Posted: 2016-09-21 02:27:52