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Design art masterpiece of Luxury Antonovich Design

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Villa design reflects the atmosphere of elegance and respectability. Impressive luxury décor of the hall and the living room. Gold in combination with light tones fills the atmosphere of the house with festive notes. This luxury version perfectly underlines the high status of the owners. It can be said that this project is a contemporary palace. To create tremendous optical effects Katrina Antonovich interior designer uses lighting accents in the form of a soft LED lighting. So, thanks to the illuminated pouf base in the hall it seems floating in the air. The height of the living room ceiling extends over the entire height of the building. This is a very exquisitely and very elegant. Forged gilded balustrade has become the beautiful decoration element. It decorated the terrace of the second floor, and became a decoration recreation area in the living room. Villa design in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic masterpiece of design art from Luxury Antonovich Design


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Posted: 2016-09-21 23:52:02