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Living room design ideas in Arabic style from Katrina Antonovich

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A delightful and charming living room interior combines Arab style motifs and classical notes. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich offered such an option for the eastern living room of one of the luxury villas in Abu Dhabi. It Majlis for the female half of the family. Luxury interior got very elegant and noble color. Designer combines noble materials and traditional Arabic decor and modern lighting. The result is a very elegant and stylish interior with comfortable features. Each project design studio introduces a unique solution in the decoration. The highlight of this room was the volumetric 3D panels with lighting, and stained-glass windows with delicate inlays of brass. Elegance and beauty of the interior eye-catcher. And the time spent among such beauty and luxury give extremely pleasant and happy emotions.

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Posted: 2016-10-20 23:48:39