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Best interior design homes from Luxury Antonovich Design

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Modern luxury with intellectual overtones. It is such interiors creates  a talented designer  Katrina Antonovich. This beautiful improvisation with color, texture, lighting and original decor. Each new project becomes a unique beauty of the interior history. And the design of this villa in Abu Dhabi perfectly combines modern style and Art Deco. The perfect organization of space highlights the advantages of architectural solutions. Each ornament line every element finishes each piece of furniture pleases the eye and bring aesthetic pleasure. The designer has created an interior with a very light and open character. This is the nature of the owners of luxury villas, very warm, bright and positive. In such a house are always welcome. Everything here is perfect for a comfortable life. Katrina Antonovich creates interiors with attractive beauty that radiates only positive emotions.

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Posted: 2016-11-05 01:10:55