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The best interior design in Saudi Arabia by Katrina Antonovich

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The world is beautiful, when there is always a place for a holiday. And the beautiful interior of the villa in Saudi Arabia, which has developed Katrina Antonovich represents excellent motives luxury modern palace. This new view of the magnificent interior decoration. The culmination of the history of the beautiful interior became a hall. This open space, which brought together all the other rooms of the house. Center of the composition became symmetrical double stairway. Visual lightness and grace of the interior is provided graceful columns of marble. Shine and luster of gold, marble and silk strengthens large stained glass Tiffany dome. The abundance of light provides a glow of beauty at any time of the day. Each element of a lush decor in perfect harmony with each other. Design studio Luxury Antonovich Design in Saudi Arabia to create a new history of luxury and comfort.

The best interior design in Saudi Arabia

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Posted: 2016-11-12 23:58:42