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Luxury living room of Katrina Antonovich

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The highest degree of luxury, beauty and comfort is reflected in the living room interior. Beautiful cultural traditions, which are as warm hospitality expresses this living room. The owners of the house wanted to demonstrate how much they care for every guest. And the fact that they are ready to provide the best for its guests. Katrina Antonovich combines classic style with oriental accents in their works. Nice creamy palette in the decor of the walls and the ceiling is full of lush curls stucco decoration. Two massive crystal chandeliers illuminate the interior perfectly. Comfortable sofas are arranged around the perimeter of the room. Marble floors with carved patterns in perfect harmony with the rest of the décor. Classic curtains from luxurious silk with embroidery combined with upholstery. Living room living room of Luxury  Antonovich Design radiates comfort, elegance and respectability.


Luxury living room, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2016-12-22 00:01:42