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Architectural design of Katrina Antonovich

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Customers want to realize their vision of a beautiful and comfortable country life, so they are worried not only the interior of the house, but also how it will look from the outside. The architecture of modern houses characteristic of a variety of styles. Modern style long since won him a place of honor in the architecture. Houses in the style of hi-tech attracts high-tech, simple design solutions, new. Katrina Antonovich creates a harmonious combination of colors, lines, decorative materials. Create a building facade decor in a certain style - not to simply select the appropriate elements of facade decoration, following the known samples. To create a memorable, unique facade of the house need to get to the desired style, to "guess" the manner to consider the color scheme, choose the light, to come up with a unique style of exterior design. And it happened well a talented architect Katrina Antonovich.


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Posted: 2017-01-01 22:00:29