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Building design of Katrina Antonovich

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Exterior design Katrina Antonovich is able to give the building individuality of character, temperament and particular charm. These criteria will allocate your house on a background of other buildings. Professional projects of interior decoration and exterior of buildings, prepared by the specialists of the Design Luxury Antonovich, include the use of modern environmentally friendly materials, the unique decorative elements, which are created by craftsmen in single copies. The basis of the architectural design of the house is always the client's vision, this takes into account the latest technology and design in the interior and exterior of a country house the elite class. Produced single stylistic concept, selected its corresponding color, texture, decorative details. And if the internal work aimed at creating functionality, comfort and atmosphere of the room, when we take into account the planning of the exterior features of the surrounding natural landscape.

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Posted: 2017-01-04 01:32:54