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Curtains design of Katrina Antonovich

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Curtains design from Katrina Antonovich - a real art. And designer curtains in the UAE from Luxury Antonovich Design true works of art. Perfect image of luxurious interior perfectly complement the gorgeous curtains. Thousands of variations of fabrics, decorations and accessories, textile designers will choose exactly what will make your home unique and beautiful, comfortable and luxurious. In our studio, we present the world's best collections of fabrics. Textile designers are developing projects of the author, never repeating. A skilled craftsmen, true virtuosos of their craft, creating curtains of impeccable quality. Curtains design will perfectly match the interior design concept. A supplement such as carved cornices,  luxurious braid, hard pelmets gang and other fine points will give appearance of your window decoration delightful features.

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Posted: 2017-01-09 00:44:59