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Dining room interior of Katrina Antonovich

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The interior, which fully expresses respectability home owners as well as their hospitality, the designer has created a Katrina Antonovich. Interior design of the dining room has become a very important part of the elite house project. a sufficiently large space has been allocated for this room. Lush and elegant interior creates a perfect holiday mood. Luxury furniture has become the main decoration room. The upholstery of the luxurious fabric terracotta color with golden embroidery in perfect harmony with the beautiful curtains. Easy and relaxed decor of the walls and ceilings is based on a combination of white and gold colors. Marble floor glare illumination plays a beautiful crystal chandelier and a variety of lamps. In a dining room every meal will be filled with solemnity.

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Posted: 2017-01-13 01:23:01