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Luxury and functionality kitchen interior

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A perfect combination of luxurious appearance and functionality reflects the kitchen interior in classic style. The advantage of this project is the large kitchen space area and large windows. The interior is impressive grandeur and elegance. High ceiling with a snow-white stucco, boiserie with silk wallpaper golden brown, classic curtains of green velvet. All these factors gradually moved into the interior of the kitchen, repeating the decoration of the other rooms of the elite house. Kitchen furniture combines ergonomics, functionality and true glamor of royal luxury. For external magnificent façade, modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances. A small dining area with armchairs looks great against the backdrop of the marble floors with carved patterns. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich, as always, very subtly and brilliantly beat the space, creating a charming and luxury kitchen interior in classic style.


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Posted: 2017-02-27 02:45:32