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Kids bedroom Interior of Katrina Antonovich

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The atmosphere of harmony in the interior of children Antonovich Design copyright Child's room - it's always exciting stories that reflect the immensity of childhood fantasies. Work on these projects is filled with happy emotions. Parents are always keen to give the child the best of everything, and the interior of a child's room - one of the ways to express unconditional love to their children. Children's room interior design takes into account the child psychology, gender-sensitive and, of course, the dreams and passions of the child. Often, in the interior children's rooms need to merge the sleeping area and the area for learning. Classic style in this project has acquired notes of grace and tenderness. Interior perfectly promotes a great mood and desire to learn new things every day. The apartments are designed to bring good taste and understanding of beauty from an early age. The charming motifs are common to all elements of the interior decor.


Interior kids bedroom, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-03-01 23:11:16