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Stylish Bedroom interior design by Katrina Antonovich

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Bedroom interior design by Katrina Antonovich impresses with pure emotions, noble shades, elegance of silhouettes and a unique charm of warmth of home cosiness. The interior of the bedroom is inherent in the cleanliness of lines, noble decor, restrained geometry and laconic forms. The interior designer uses elegant improvisations with shades, textures and materials. From the tenderness of silk, the warmth of the tree, the pleasant palette of shades, a whole and expressive image of luxury and comfort develops. In this beautiful bedroom, the ceiling design, the design of the walls, the decoration of the windows and the beds and the decor of the floor are harmoniously and closely interconnected. The stylish interior uses exquisite and luxurious fabrics. The luxurious bedroom attracts the eye with its pure harmony of beauty and coziness. Every interior from Luxury Antonovich Design is a new image, a new personality, a new look at luxury.

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Posted: 2017-03-12 01:00:31