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Interiors ideas for large bedroom of Katrina Antonovich

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In interior design of Katrina Antonovich one can observe the birth of a new era of interior design. In the interior of this large bedroom reigns an amazing harmony of coziness. Natural marble, brass and natural wood set the mood of lightness and freshness. With the help of the designer ceiling decor, the designers delicately marked the boundaries of the recreation area and the sleeping area. Rectangular shallow niches with a soft backlight are crowned in the center by beautiful author's chandeliers with a light futuristic accent. Beautiful natural carpets perfectly look on the marble surface of the floors. Furniture in the bedroom combines a laconic design with luxurious upholstery made of genuine leather with a touch of coffee and milk. The highlight of the project was its own spa zone, which is integrated with the bedroom. Each element of the decor smoothly flows into the other, forming an absolute harmony of a combination of materials, shades and textures.


Interiors ideas large bedroom, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-03-29 01:36:48