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Architectural project in modern style by Katrina Antonovich

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Architectural project in modern style by Katrina Antonovich is the creation of a space in a single style, in which the external and internal appearance of the house will be harmoniously combined. The styles of houses are represented in our time in various ways, one of the most interesting and luxurious is presented in the Architectural project in modern style. This is a spectacular suburban house in the Art Nouveau style, the project of which was created by specialists of the architectural bureau Luxury Antonovich Design. Katrina Antonovich offers advanced, custom-made houses. In projects, the talented architect applies all modern architectural ideas for individual construction: frameless glazing, consoles, large spaces, decoration of the facade and interior with wood and stone, habitable terraces on the roof of the house, green roofs and many more interesting ideas.


Architectural project in modern style, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-04-01 02:32:56