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Architecture Masterpieces of Katrina Antonovich

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The light and soaring appearance of the building with unsurpassed plasticity was created by the architect Katrina Antonovich. The thoughtfulness of every detail and the deep meaning of each decision of the designer and architect embodies the best traditions of elite real estate in the classical style. Family traditions and family history are reflected in the family logo, which became part of the drawing on the marble at the entrance portal. Openwork ornaments forging the entrance gate create the right first impression of the house. The area around the house has become a real oasis for a magical vacation in nature. Ponds, green plants, spacious gazebos with light snow-white curtains of silk. All these are beautiful elements of landscape design, which has become a harmonious continuation of the beautiful facade of the building.

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Posted: 2017-04-02 07:18:13