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Luxury majlis design of Katrina Antonovich

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Majlis Interior design of Katrina Antonovich always becomes a reflection of the main idea of the concept design of the whole house. In this room, all the most important, the best and the most luxurious are accumulating. After all, it is the majlis that is the most open space in which both the owners of the house and their guests can be. To express their cordiality, to reflect the status in society and to emphasize the fine taste, this luxurious living room embodies the best traditions of the classical style. The rich decoration of the windows is perfectly combined with the elite Italian furniture. The magnificent ceiling decor with stucco molding is amazingly reminiscent of the picturesque carved floor of natural marble. A pleasant range of light colors is diluted with silk accents in lilac tones. Everything looks majestic, noble and, at the same time, home-like very cozy. The interior designer Katrina Antonovich brought to the traditional features of the classical style the refined notes of novelty and elegance.


Luxury majlis design, Katrina Antonovich


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Posted: 2017-04-06 01:14:46