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Design Ideas for large kitchen of Katrina Antonovich

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The interior of the kitchen is a special space in the house. It combines beauty and functionality, traditional elements of decor and innovations of technology. And in order to harmoniously continue the design of the interior design of the house in the classical style, the author of the project Katrina Antonovich designed an ideal solution for the design of the kitchen space. In the decor of the ceiling there is such a beautiful and traditional element as stucco. It is supplemented by art painting. Additional illumination lines add extra volume. Noble, aristocratic and, at the same time, the floor is made of natural marble with carved patterns. Very comfortable look Roman curtains in the design of the window. Behind the beautiful facades of the kitchen from natural wood lies the newest kitchen appliances and the most modern storage systems. Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich designed everything to the smallest detail in order to preserve the integrity of the interior and its aesthetic perfection.

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Posted: 2017-04-09 23:11:29