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Beautiful living room from Katrina Antonovich

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A cozy living room in pink colors is located on the second floor of an elite villa. The recreation area with comfortable furniture and a small kitchen is decorated in a pleasant range of pink shades. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich created a very picturesque interior in fine traditions of classical style. The brightest moments of the decor were the artistic murals of walls and ceiling. The Boisers are filled with luxurious silk wallpaper with damask ornaments. The highlight of the decor of the walls were stylish pilasters with crystal caps and illumination. For a comfortable and cozy feeling in the interior on the floor, the living room was decorated with luxurious Persian carpets. Semicircular window is decorated with curtains of beautiful silk in lilac tones with golden printed patterns. They perfectly match the upholstery of the furniture. Curtains are complemented by a wave of monophonic silk of mint shade. The interior is filled with a wonderful mood of a summer morning.


Beautiful living room, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-04-11 01:01:14