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Most beautiful house Interiors from Katrina Antonovich

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The house interior design from Katrina Antonovich has become a reflection of the respectability of the family of home owners and the way to preserve family relics and traditions. Every detail is thought over so that every member of the family feels absolutely comfortable. The design of expensive houses is a multifaceted project that includes the design of several living rooms, bedrooms, a design of a study, a hamam, a home theater and other rooms at the request of the clients. To create such a luxurious and refined interior, we studied the history of the family, carefully listened to the wishes of customers. The interior of the house is elegant and cozy atmosphere. Luxury floors are decorated with natural marble with author's patterns. The fusion of traditions and new technologies reflects the amazing decor of the ceiling. Designer Katrina Antonovich was sensitive to every square meter. Opening the door to this house, you find yourself in a world where beauty and comfort rule, where each curl of the pattern and each piece of decor has its own history.


Most beautiful house Interiors, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-05-04 00:28:56