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Bathroom design in a modern style from Katrina Antonovich

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The design of a large bathroom in a modern style has a unique charm of beauty and noble restraint. The main hero in the decoration of walls and floors is natural marble. The color palette is dominated by its white color with beautiful veins of natural ornament. To make the interior of the bathroom designers use a clear geometry of the lines from marble of a darker breed and also accents in the form of lines of illumination. The island location of the bathroom and the partition between it and the bathroom give the room a wonderful mood of absolute comfort. The noble and attractive appearance of the author's interiors of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is based on the attention of every detail. In our work there is no room for trifles. In order to make the picture of the interior perfect, we think it through to the smallest details


Bathroom design in a modern style, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2017-05-18 00:36:11