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Architectural project in Nigeria from Katrina Antonovich

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We perceive at first architectural images in general, in the general composition, and only then we consider the beauty of the details. But it is the details that make up the overall beauty of the house. And the classical style allows you to give the architectural image very elegant and aristocratic features. In this architectural project Katrina Antonovich paid special attention to the entrance portal of the building. Here, the stair portal, which crowns with an artistic drawing of carved marble, looks very impressive. The stucco decoration became an echo of the beautiful Baroque and Rococo era. Part of the beautiful composition was luxurious art forging on the front door. And the majesty and solemnity of the facade of the building are provided by high graceful columns with stucco capitals. Snow-white shades with a relief decor make it possible to play beautifully light and shade at different times of the day. The architectural project of the house in Nigeria, created by Katrin Antonovich, the head of projects of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, quite claim to the eternal values ​​of beauty that will go down in history.


Architectural project of a house in Nigeria, Katrina Antonovich

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Posted: 2018-05-21 00:10:55